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What is the WSA?

Worldwide Simulation Alliance is a group of specialists organized in companies that team up globally using Simulation techniques to support our clients.

The WSA supports customers in simulation, optimization and decision support systems in the fields of manufacturing, mining, logistics, supply chain and general services. 

Our objective is to promote the usage of the simulation  methodology, and tools to provide optimal system management for improving customer services and profits.

The benefits obtained from our collective worldwide experience are applied to provide comprehensive local support to our customers.

Process Evaluation - WSA


Our experts can evaluate your internal processes to improve its effectiveness, and thus to help it perform.

Simulation Project - WSA


With a simulation project you can watch exactly your processes (easy or complex) on your PC. View the past system behaviour and fast forward to the future! For "what if" analysis system scenarios.

Simulation Training - WSA

Next Training Course

February 2020 | 24 - 27
Newcastle, NSW Australia
Standard Simio Training

May 2020 | 4 - 5 - 6
Newcastle, NSW Australia
Simulation with Arena

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Simulation: what would happen if ... you could predict the future?

Simulation models provide a virtual copy of a real-world system. Simulation is used to mimic the system’s behaviour and to better understand its processes. 

The simulation model is the core of the simulation process

It shows the relation between several major process variables, such as service levels, resource or asset utilization, throughput rates and inventory stock levels.

Simulation studies give an insight in the dynamism and variability of a system: two key elements that impact on all real processes and that are not so easily predictable.

In so doing, you can: 

  • forecast the system behaviour whit changed conditions and parameters
  • assess all indicators of technical and economic performance
  • optimize through what-if analysis
  • find the most appropriate solutions
  • reduce investment and operating costs and
  • limit risks.

Simulation software technology is an effective strategic and operational tool to support decision making process.

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Simulation Advantages WSA

what simulation means

Advantages of Simulation

  • Test systems before investing in facilities
  • Fast forwarding of time
  • Understanding of the cause of events
  • Exploration of new management policies
  • Diagnosis of problems
  • Identification of requirements
  • Understanding of the system
  • Repeatability

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The WSA Team

SMS - Simulation Modeling Services - Australia - WSA


Simulation Modelling Services

is an Advitech Group company and one of Australia’s leading simulation software providers.

Paragon - Brazil - WSA



understands that the needs of each customer are distinct and therefore offers personalized service and solutions.

SimWell - Canada - WSA



is an Industrial Engineering firm specialized in simulation and optimization.

is a global management consulting company with special focus on the use of end-to-end and Simulation-based Complexity Management.

ACT OR - ACT Operations Research - Italy - WSA



is a math-engineering company specialized in providing corporate decision-making software and process control solutions.

Systems Navigator - The Netherlands - WSA


Systems Navigator

is an independent software consultancy firm and a global leader in advanced decision support technology.

AMS - Analista Modeling Systems - South Africa - WSA

South Africa

Analista Modeling Systems

uses computer simulation models and is focused on the business processes that is part of every organization.

Worldwide Simulation Alliance - WSA

Worldwide Simulation Alliance


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"Simulating before implementing gives you the possibility to test several scenarios without investing in their realization. Simulation is the fastest tool to identify what's right or wrong with what you do. Simulate your business processes to make the right decisions and to improve your processes. "
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