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Simulation can be used to provide decision support and operational support in many business domains.


In Airport, for example to gain insight in the effects of new regulations, or how to manage the luggage handling system in terms of equipment and personnel. More info


In Distribution networks to balance the costs and constraints and answer questions with regard to: what to send, to whom, when, and how. Moreover to maintain the right stock levels at the various points of the network. More info


In Harbours or in Railway Stations to redesign and plan land usage and facilities. Simulation is the ideal tool to support planning and operational decisions. More info


In Hospital to schedule resources (personnel, operating rooms, crew, and equipment), to size infrastructure appropriately, to manage the stocks of medicines in warehouses, to manage mobile resources on geographic areas, to establish procedures for minimizing security risks organize and manage services on the territory, to improve patient flows through a proper understanding of emergency and elective bed capacities. More info


In Logistics. Are the parameters for measuring performance suitable? Are the activities of picking and sorting efficient? and is the number of operators and forklift adequate? More info


In Manufacturing. Do you think about the maximization of the overall process? or about the reduction of the cycle time? optimization of product mix? or reduction of operators? More info


In the Military sector to simulate activities on the territory, the management of all the warehouses, security procedures or situations of crisis and emergency. More info


In Real Time - scheduling, planning, risk analysis, and resources management - Which is your sector? - More info


In Supply Chain you can crash into demand variability - do you need to evaluate the response of the system in this case? or you can meet structural matters - do you want to improve the overall Supply Network? or you can run in conflicting data - do you desire to compare alternatives in term of infrastructure? or to understand how each participants of the Supply Chain influence the overall performance? More info


In Transports' field maybe you need to know if your tours are the correct possible. Do you need to simulate the tracks' tours? More info


In Warehouses. Maybe you need some simulation for your Warehouse. The location, the size, the heights, the shelfs, are these possible questions you are thinking? More info


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