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Simulation models provide a virtual copy of a real-world system. Simulation is used to mimic the system’s behavior and to better understand its processes. The simulation model is the core of the simulation process. It shows the relation between several major process variables, such as service levels, resource utilization and stock levels.


Simulation makes it possible to gain insight in the dynamism and randomness of the system: two key elements that impact on all real processes and that are not so easily predictable.

Simulation software is a key tool to support decision making processes; it provides the opportunity to run and see the modeled system working in a virtual environment.


In so doing, you can foresee the system behavior when changing conditions and parameters; assess all indicators of technical and economic performance; optimize through what-if analysis; find the most appropriate solutions, reduce investment and operating costs and limit risks.


Therefore, simulation software is an effective strategic and operational tool to support managers in decision making processes.


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